Corporate Philosophy 

At Anderson Research International we strongly believe in a teamwork environment that our professional staff execute the integration of  collaborative insight and expert analysis to build capabilities to achieve indispensable partnerships with our clients. 

What We Do

Welcome to Anderson Research International, LLC. (ARI) we are a full service marketing research & consulting firm . We service our clients with syndicated research products along with proprietary survey based technologies, and a powerful scientifically proven patented customer satisfaction methodology  to increase our customer experience, while helping business accelerate financial performance in Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean.

Guiding Principles 

  • To uphold the highest ethical standards in our research products and those of our professional network of research collaborators to champion excellence in service throughout the business industries we serve. 

  • To enhance the knowledge of our clients in the latest research application best practices and business frameworks to enhance their financial performance.

  • To develop research products that positively impact the markets we serve.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to Empower Insight to our clients, staff, stakeholders, partners and community to Transform Business practices that positively impact  economic prosperity , social balance and environmental  wellbeing  in the markets that we operate and serve. 

"Thought Leadership" 
Anderson has pioneered the Customer Satisfaction measurement in Puerto Rico and with its introduction we propose to empower clients, staff, stakeholders, partners and community to embrace a Satisfaction Economy.  

This scientifically proven methodology and patented econometric , structural equation will provide predictive insight towards the economic health of Puerto Rico. 

"Anderson will champion leadership excellence through Customer Satisfaction."